Joelle Ogletree,  a former French teacher at Glen Rose High School who was dismissed in 2002 after allegations of sexual misconduct,  filed a second lawsuit against the Glen Rose Independent School District.

The suit, filed at the beginning of October in the Unite States District Court in Waco, claims the district treated Ogletree differently and retaliated against her for complaints she reported, her attorney Harry Jones said.

“The district pardoned from normal procedures. They didn’t hire her because she had complained in times past, even though she was a highly qualified French teacher,” Jones said. “(An individual) can make a claim and if people start treating you differently then that is retaliation. ”

The suit is filed under the Title 7 Civil Rights Act of 1974.

“Basically it is on a theory of retaliation and gender,” Jones said. “(The district) treats female staff differently than male staff when they are accused of sexual misconduct. (It) can violate federal statutes.”

Jones also said the district was biased because of the publicity Ogletree’s first case received.

“There are people who get caught in a bind. A lot of employers don’t like people complaining and being public,” Jones said.

However, Glen Rose ISD disagrees with all of Jones’ claims and the suit.

“The school district does not believe it has violated the law,” GRISD attorney Tom Myers said. “We intend to defend the suit.”

Myers was employed by the district during its first lawsuit filed by Ogletree approximately two years ago and will represent them for this one as well.