A four-vehicle pile-up on U.S. Highway 67 east of the Brazos River Bridge sent three people to hospitals Friday morning.

Ray Livingston of Glen Rose was transported by CareFlite air ambulance.

"So far the surgeon said there's no internal bleeding, one of his lungs is badly bruised, lots of pain, but think he's gonna be okay," his daughter, Melissa, said in a Facebook posting. "Thanks for all the prayers, means a lot to us."

The accident occurred shortly before 10 a.m. at the intersection of Highway 67 and County Road 308.

The cause of the wreck is under investigation by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Traffic already had been slow on that stretch of the highway due to road construction by the Texas Department of Transportation. Whether slowing cars and the narrowing lane contributed to the accident has not been determined.

After the accident, traffic was shut down in both directions as the CareFlite air ambulance landed in the roadway.

The vehicles involved were two pick-up trucks, a Suburban and an SUV. The bed of the red Ford F-150 was crushed like a soda can and the front of the dark gray Chevrolet 500 was smashed. The rear of the Suburban also sustained major damage. The fourth vehicle had been hit from behind and was driveable.

"It could have been a lot worse," Somervell County Greg Doyle said after looking at the scene.

It was a mess of twisted wreckage, with the vehicles turned in different directions and oil and even crushed cans of potato chips and paper plates strewn on the road.

Sheriff department officers and the Somervell County Fire Department and EMS responded to the accident. Two DPS troopers investigated, spraying bright orange paint to mark the vehicles' paths.

Shortly before 11 a.m. wreckers arrived to tow the mangled vehicles away and reopen traffic lanes in both directions.

The Reporter will file more information online as it becomes available.