Somervell County commissioners made another step toward crossing a new bridge Monday.

The court authorized Teague, Nall and Perkins to perform a preliminary route study and prepare a cost estimate for the construction of a bridge, which would cross the Paluxy River.

A representative from the company told commissioners that the Texas Department of Transportation has looked at the project but never put a cost estimate to it.

Teague, Nall and Perkins will complete  studies, including environmental and residential impacts, and determine the best place to construct a new bridge.

Walter Maynard, Somervell County judge, said that many individuals have speculated that the intersection of Hereford and Barnard streets is the best place for a potential bridge. However, no one has looked into the facts and figures, which is why the county will hire an outside engineering firm.

“We are hiring them to come up with the best route,” Maynard said.

The company’s representative also said the company will look into alternative funding for the project, including grants. There is also a possibility that the construction could get a quicker stamp of approval if it was designated as a nuclear plant escape route, which often overlap with hurricane escape routes.

The project is estimated to take approximately six months to complete.