The annual Nolan River Kennel Club was at the Somervell County Expo Center Saturday, Jan. 3, and Sunday, Jan. 4, drawing a record number of spectators and participants.

Mary Napper, show chairman, said they had more than 2,400 dogs with entrants representing 145 different breeds.

The show included a herding contest, obedience, rally obedience competitions and conformation.

Clinics were available to test for eye disease and to microchip dogs.

“Last year we were the largest in the state of Texas,” Napper said. “This year we may be pushing for second largest.”

The dogs hailed from 40 different states and seven foreign countries.

Champion Toasty’s Treasure Island, with handler Clint Livingston, claimed Best in Show after both days of competition. The Golden Retriever is from Boca Raton, Florida.

“The Golden Retriever was absolutely magnificent,” Napper said.

The show first came to Somervell in 1995, making 14 years of dog-gone fun and counting.

“We had the most spectators that I think I’ve seen in all the years,” Napper said. “We’re expecting a larger crowd next year. We have really grown every year.”

Next year’s show is already set for Jan. 8-10.