As the stock market continues to tumble, some Somervell County residents may be searching for ways to stretch their dollar. The First Baptist Church on Bo Gibbs Drive in Glen Rose offers a ministry to help.

Associate Pastor Kent Barnes said the church has participated in Angel Food Ministries since 2005, a program that provides a box of groceries at a minimal price.

Weve been doing this since October 2005. We started with 10 to 12 boxes. Within a year we were doing 22-23 boxes, and now were doing 32 to 33 boxes a month, Barnes said. The most important thing to remember is anybody can do this - they can buy food and they can order food for anyone else.

A church in Georgia started Angel Food Ministries in 1994. Initially, they served 34 families. Now, they reach 35 states and more than 500,000 people nationwide.

Locally, Barnes said they have helped more than 124 people since they started in 2005.

Menus vary each month. The basic box is $30, but additional specials can be purchased as well.

Specials also vary monthly as well as the price.

A senior box is also available for $28 and includes 10 individual meals.

Barnes said the deadline for orders is the second Monday of each month and the food is distributed at 9 a.m. on the fourth Saturday of the month. This month orders can be placed at the church office by Oct. 13 and picked up on Oct. 25.

Orders can be mailed to the church, but it must be received on the Friday before the order deadline.

Orders need to be paid for by the deadline in cash, food stamps or Lone Star Card. Checks are accepted but should be made out to the First Baptist Church and include your phone number.

On distribution day, volunteers drive to Fort Worth to pick up the boxes and bring them back to the church to be handed out at 9 a.m.

Boxes need to be picked up by 10 a.m. on distribution day and you will need a receipt to pick up the food.

Barnes also said it is important for people to know that most of the food is frozen.

Its about a laundry basket size box of food. So you need a cooler about that size to carry the frozen items home in, Barnes said.

Proceeds are returned to Angel Food Ministries, but the church does receive a small allowance to pay for boxes and supplies.

Its not a money-maker for us; its about the ministry, Barnes said.

Menus are available at First Baptist Church or online at

For more information about Angel Food Ministries or to volunteer to help, call First Baptist Church at 897-2351.