Pam Miller last week submitted her application for the Oakdale Park managerís position, a day after resigning as mayor.

So far more than a dozen people, including preservationist and landscape architect Karen Richardson and Vanessa Metker, who currently works at the Somervell County Citizens Center, also have applied.

The Glen Rose City Council appointed a committee to review applications for park manager and choose the top applications to present to the council. The four appointed to the committee were Darrell Best, head of the Glen Rose Economic Development Corp. and chairman of the Glen Rose/Somervell County Chamber of Commerce; City Superintendent Ronald Bruce; Dr. Patrick Condy, executive director of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center; and City Councilwoman Sue Oldenburg.

At the next council meeting on Monday, Nov. 8, members will vote whether to accept Millerís resignation and appoint a replacement. Johnny Martin recently was named mayor pro tem after Barbara Mitchell resigned. He does not automatically become mayor, however. The council can nominate others and Martin may not want to give up his voting power. The mayor votes only in the event of a tie.

Miller had been serving her third term as mayor and would have been up for re-election next May. Last week the council discussed the Oakdale Park job and Miller participated in the discussion about the job description, pay and whether it should be a salaried or contract position.

Although the city had previously run ads in the Glen Rose Reporter announcing it was seeking a park manager for a contract position that did not include benefits, the council decided it should be a salaried position that pays $15 an hour, plus benefits. The person who gets the job will report to Bruce.

The previous manager of Oakdale, Cindy King, who had held the position when the May family owned the park before the city purchased it, was fired several months ago for allegedly misstating hours on her time sheet.

Following is Millerís resignation letter in its entirely as she wrote it.

To: The Citizens and the City Council of Glen Rose

Re: Resignation

Date: October 26, 2010

It has been an honor and privilege to serve Glen Rose as Mayor for the past 6 1/2 years. We have accomplished many things including keeping ad valorem taxes down, passing the 4B tax which funds the cityís economic development efforts, building the Paluxy Riverwalk, purchasing Oakdale Park and preserving it for use by future generations, acquiring responsibility for the ballparks so that they remain available to our youth, and many infrastructure related items that have made our city better. With the help and input of many of our citizens, we developed and enacted a new comprehensive plan for our city that will guide us in the coming years in a thoughtful and purposeful manner. All of these things have been done while maintaining an excellent financial rating that few cities have been able to achieve during these recessionary times. During my term in office I have been honored to work with the county, school district, and water district to complete projects that benefit the citizens of our community.

I believe that it is time for me to step down as Mayor to pursue other interests that are dear to my heart. I know that the City is in excellent hands with the current council and its capable and dedicated employees.

I wish all of you well and hope and pray that the City continues to prosper. I feel confident that you will continue to provide the leadership needed to make our beloved Glen Rose even better.

My resignation is effective immediately.

Thank you for the honor of serving as your Mayor.

Pam Miller