While the 4B Tax Advisory Board had nearly one dozen items on its agenda Monday, the meeting focused heavily on Oakdale Park.

First, the board unanimously approved the transfer of $1 million to the city of Glen Rose for the purchase of Oakdale Park.

The board then discussed money for the park’s construction and received an update from Mayor Pam Miller.

“We own it, it’s ours,” Miller said.

Glen Rose completed the purchase of the park on Nov. 30. The city has already made minor improvements to Oakdale, including removing several truckloads of brush.

The city also requested $100,000 be placed in an operating fund to begin minor construction projects. The money, which Miller said was suggested by the city’s auditor, will fund operating expenses and clean up.

“This is just some basic cleanup and things we know we are going to have to have,” Miller said.

Discussion ensued from several board members, who wanted to be cautious about the amount since $1 million was allotted for the park’s total reconstruction.

The $100,000 will also fund payroll for city employees completing minor repairs and updates to the park.

“We have to be careful because this is one-tenth of what we set aside to refurbish Oakdale Park,” board member Darrell Best said.

The amount was approved unanimously by the board