On Wednesday, the state of Texas prepared to execute 52-year-old Kimberly McCarthy for a 1997 murder - marking the 500th execution since the reinstatement of capital punishment. According to texastribune.org, there have been 260 executions in less than 13 years, and McCarthy's execution will be the eighth of 2013.

C5BE837E-08C0-0001-88565F901F9083F0 Yes. When the punishment fits the crime. 18 C5BE838F-6960-0001-96BB1E00CD8F125F Yes. When old evidence is confirmed by new science. 1 C5BE83C9-89B0-0001-7DE11A3963155FC0 No. Capital punishment is the equivalent of murder. 3 C5BE83E8-3DF0-0001-96C41C58EE301C3D No. I favor rehabilitation. 1