City Council members on Saturday visited Oakdale Park to view the former skating rink being renovated and to make decisions about what to do with the ceiling, wall colors and floor.

During the session, members got a firsthand look at the rink's interior and its exposed beams and tresses. The boards and beams currently are covered in peeling white paint.

“We can strip the ceiling and paint it or put  metal over it,” Mayor Pam Miller said. However, she noted that the paint also contains lead.

Several boards also will have to replaced where wood is rotting.

Council members decided to cover the ceiling with pressed silver metal squares and see how that looks. The metal also could be painted an antique white or copper at a later date.

“The key is that it remains as close to the historic colors as possible,” said Joan Echols Taylor of the Somervell History Foundation.

The council also decided to have the exposed beams painted antique white and to the walls textured with an “orange peel” texture so as not to detract from the room's other features. Concrete columns, currently painted a faded baby blue, will have a textured tan color. 

The skating rink's focal point is a massive fireplace with a concrete wall containing fossils, quartz and other rocks. It remains in good shape.

Finally, the council decided to keep the wooden floor as close to original as possible. Once sanded, it will have a warm maple stain.

Council members said they were impressed with the progress of the work on Oakdale Park.

"Everything is falling into place,” Councilman Rocky Terry said.

“It's really moving.”?