Somervell County commissioners, faced with a $380 million decrease in property values, are contemplating the closure of Texas Amphitheatre. The facility was opened 25 years ago and serves as the stage for The Promise, a live action passion play. Some residents say officials should do whatever they can to keep the production in Glen Rose. Others say the facility is a money pit and should be shuttered. What do you say?

C5CC0574-BF40-0001-C71117E01AE852B0 Yes. The county should fund amphitheatre operations. 18 C5CC057B-8A30-0001-36991617FF5C1376 Yes. The county should sell facility to The Promise for $1. 62 C5CC05AD-2320-0001-F03A1830E3E059C0 Yes. The county should lease it out at a fair price. 18 C5CC05B5-81D0-0001-67702C09D9101C92 No. The county should seek other options and year-round entertainement 15 C5CC05FF-F580-0001-3FA214A0AE6913BD I'm undecided. 6