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Two local women are teaming up to lend a hand to the homeless animals in Somervell County.

Jeannie Myers and Carla Goodwin went to the Somervell County Animal Shelter to look at adopting a puppy and began talking to Animal Control Officer Tammy Ray.

Myers discovered that the shelter has not had a line item in the budget for food for about seven years. Instead, nearby shelters like Cleburne to donate food. But with many cities and counties tightening budgets, donations are harder to come by.

“So we’re going around asking for food to feed the cats and dogs - and puppies. She has a lot of puppies right now,” Myers said.

Last month, the pair collected 300 lbs of dog food.

“We do have people that are kinda skeptical. They’ll say they haven’t heard of anybody out collecting for the shelter,” Myers said.

Myers understands and so she’s trying to get the word out.

“We really don’t have a set day and time,” Myers said. “We had several people tell us to come back every couple weeks to get more food.”

Myers said because the shelter’s population changes, their needs also change. Some months, they might need more puppy food and other months more cat food.

Myers and Goodwin want people to know that they is not associated with the shelter - just concerned citizens who saw a need and decided to do something about it.

And to help put resident’s minds at ease, Myers said they are not really interested in collecting money.

“I really don’t want to take people’s money,” Myers said. “I’d rather it be a bag of cat food or dog food or puppy food.”

She also stressed that all donated food would go to help homeless animals in the county.

Ray confirmed that Myers and Goodwin are not connected to the shelter, but appreciates their efforts to help.

“We will accept donations,” Ray said.

Myers said anyone with questions could call her at 898-0754. or the shelter at 897-3113.