Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Mitchell last week submitted a letter of resignation to Mayor Pam Miller and the Glen Rose City Council, which will vote to accept or reject it at the next regular council meeting on Monday, Oct. 11.

The letter was submitted late Tuesday, Sept. 28, and turned over to City Attorney Andrew Lucas, said City Secretary Peggy Busch.

At the next council meeting, members will discuss and possibly take action on appointing a person to fill Mitchell's position. Busch said that the council can appoint someone to step in temporarily until the next regularly scheduled city election, which would be May 2011.

Some members of the city council favor appointing the person who received the next highest number of votes in this year's May city council election. That would be veterinarian and former city council member Rocky Terry.

Politics likely will come into play in choosing a replacement. One of the hot topics in council meetings this year has been the hiring of a part- or full-time city administrator. Terry has said he favors such a position.

There has been much speculation among political observers why Mitchell would want to resign. She was re-elected to the council in May for another two-year term.

The Glen Rose Reporter disclosed in August that Mitchell's son, Dwain "Moose" Whitfield II, who is a city maintenance supervisor, had failed to disclose on his 2005 city job application that he had previously been convicted of a crime, writing hot checks, although the application specifically asked whether he had been convicted of a crime in the previous seven years. The person who referred Whitfield for the job was Mitchell's then-husband, former Police Chief Weldon Mitchell.

Whitfield also had been arrested in Erath County for indecent exposure around an apartment complex swimming pool. He pleaded guilty and received deferred adjudication in that case.

Mitchell last month voted to end the city's arrangement with the Reporter to publish public notices of city meetings. However, Councilman Chris Bryant's motion to terminate the city's advertising in the newspaper failed by a 3-2 vote when council members Johnny Martin, Sue Oldenburg and Bob Stricklin voted "no."