C58854FB-79E0-0001-22551E801C607F30 No. The law in not something that can be enforced. 1 C5885500-BFF0-0001-CE1B911118E0A300 No. We are governed enough already. 0 C5885506-BB40-0001-F0C9105B8CA01C30 Yes. Distracted driving is a nuisance and should be stopped. 10 C588550D-6030-0001-DDB5A105C7F2108F Yes. Similar city bans appear to deter the dangerous behavior. 0 C588551A-EF80-0001-2C3D10801240DA40 It doesn't matter, I will do what I want when I want 1 C588552B-F2B0-0001-545F1290F3B430F0 None of the above 0