The Somervell County Commissionerís held their regular meeting on Tuesday and received updates from county offices.

Somervell County Judge Walter Maynard commented during the treasurerís report that the countyís investments with TexPool are not prime investments, which were affected when Lehman Brothers went under several weeks ago. He said all things considered, the county was in good shape.

The commissionerís also reviewed the quarterly accident report, which included a dog attack on a paramedic.

The woman was carrying a small dog out of a burning mobile home when a larger dog attacked her. The larger dog might have been protecting the smaller one.

Gary Marks with Glen Rose Medical Center addressed the court to let them know about their recent affiliation with Baylor Health Care System. He stressed that Baylor has not bought GRMC and that it is a partnership to increase purchasing power and to expand resources and services.

A change order was discussed for the Somervell County Expo Center roofing project. Mike Dooley said the $3,849 change order was to replace nine skylights that have cracked over the years. While the skylights are not leaking, Dooley felt it would be a good idea to go ahead and replace them while they are having repairs made to the roof.

The Commissionerís also had to address contract issues.

Charter Cable company said they would start charging the county an additional $20 a month for extended cable service unless a filter was installed to restrict service.

The original franchise agreement provided free basic cable service for any government building that the cable line passed. The commissionerís were under the impression that the county was only receiving basic cable service and did not feel the additional services were needed.

They approved a motion to have a filter installed, pending contract review and approval by County Attorney Ron Hankins.

A fertilizer bid for Squaw Valley Golf Course had to be rescinded.

The contractor said they could no longer provide fertilizer as per the bid due to an increase in costs.

Commissioner Lloyd Wirt said they had no choice but to withdraw and re-award the bid, but he was not happy about doing so.

Commissioner Mike Ford and Maynard agreed and said they expected to see lower prices in the future to reflect the recent drop in oil prices.

Golf Course Superintendent Jeff Hansen said he was not happy with the situation either and was working on developing a new bid procedure for next year.

The court also approved the purchase of four lots out of the Milam County School Land Survey for the hospital expansion project.

One .66 acre plot was bought for $130,000. The second plot was $155,000 for .97 acres. A special warranty deed was accepted for two very small pieces of land, totaling .16 acres.