Glen Rose High School seniors and their dates came by the boatload, by 18-wheeler, John Deere tractor, yellow Camaro limousine, Corvettes, monster truck, T-bucket hot rod, Maserati and even a Bentley to arrive in grand style at the senior prom Saturday night.

And then there were the clothes – long gowns with poufy skirts, sleek off-the-the-shoulder and over-the-shoulder numbers, short dresses made for a night of dancing and tuxedos with vests of all colors. One couple came in matching formal camo attire. All that was missing was Joan Rivers critiquing the fashionistas on the “red carpet” (thank goodness).

The carpet wasn't red leading into the Somervell Expo Center hall, but the Glen Rose senior prom does have the feel of a big movie premiere or an awards gala, with cameras flashing and parents, family and friends “ooh”ing and “aah”ing from bleachers.

To kick off the prom's theme, “Under the Sea,” the revelers entered a front door, decorated to look like the opening to a shipwrecked boat, and became immersed in an underwater fantasy.

Inside, blue curtains hung with decorations of fish, octopus, red coral and sand dollars. Treasure chests brimmed with gold “coins.”

Larry Higgins of Hammond's catered the event with a huge spread, complete with centerpieces of fruit and vegetables carved to look like fish, seagulls and shells, and bunches of ginger root that looked remarkably like coral.

Then the seniors danced the night away. Hopefully, each one left with his or her own treasure chest of memories.