A survey made its way through town just before the April 6 4-B Tax Advisory Board meeting, asking citizens to respond to numerous questions about the proposed water park. The survey also instructed citizens to return the sheets to City Hall to be tabulated.

The problem is, the survey was not generated or circulated by the city or the 4-B board. Just who put the survey out is unclear, but it is clear that the survey placed an extra burden on city personnel.

“I do not know for sure who generated it, but it was not us,” said Mygnonne Thomas, Glen Rose City Clerk. “Not only that, but no one asked us about it or even told us about it. They just handed them out with instructions to return them to City Hall and included our mailing address. We were faced with the added chore of tallying the responses on something of which we were not even aware until the forms began arriving.”

A total of 207 surveys were returned, with some of them excluded for reasons not listed. The results of the survey were available at the April 6 meeting.

A total of 113 surveys voted in favor of the park, but 58 of them were not signed.

Fifty surveys were returned with negative responses and only six of those were unsigned.

The tabulated results also noted some observations about the surveys, including that one person filled out several of the “yes” votes.

Also noted was that several of the “no” votes suggested the money would be better spent renovating Oakdale Park.

Unprecedented crowds gathered at the April 6 4-B board meeting, with many in attendance voicing their position on the proposed water park.

After meeting in closed session, board members ultimately decided to table their votes on the project until a feasibility study could be done on the water park and on Oakdale Park.

The next 4-B meeting is slated for May 6 in City Council Chambers at 6:15 p.m.