Reporter Staff Report

Kids and adults trick-or-treating on the downtown square late Saturday afternoon didn't know whether they were seeing an apparition or the winning entry for the “best costume” contest when the legendary Headless Horseman came riding down Elm Street, holding a jack-o'-lantern. The spooky specter said nary a word as he clip-clopped on the downtown streets, presumably searching for his head — or Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Those emerging from the haunted house at Storiebook Cafe on Halloween eve were treated — or perhaps tricked — to an extended fright night at the sight of the horseman riding by. He repeated his rounds on Halloween night, sending chills up the spines of many whose costumes just couldn't compete. Who was he, really? We can't say, but here's a clue — it's a complete “mystery.” For more Halloween photos, see page A8.