The search has begun for a successor to replace Gary Marks as chief executive officer of Glen Rose Medical Center.

At last week’s Somervell County Hospital Authority Board meeting, members agreed on a process to solicit applications and review candidates for the CEO position.

Marks announced last month he would retire in November, opening the way for the first new medical center CEO in 38 years.

The board decided to adopt a process that will involve advertising for the position at universities with masters degrees in health care administration and related programs, on the Web sites of key health care organizations and in association newsletters.

The ads will note that the preferred applicants have the following qualifications: a Master of Business Administration or Master of Science degree in health care administration or a comparable graduate center degree; 10-plus years professional management experience in a health care setting; and salary based upon prior experience and education.

The salary ranges of CEOs in facilities with revenues between $25 million and $150 million, less than 75 beds, populations of less than 50,000 and government ownership are $107,905 on the low side and $294,683 on the high side, the board determined when it was looking at Mark’s salary and how to compensate him. The median salary is $177,674.

Advertising was to begin immediately after the board approved the process. Applications will be accepted until July 1.

After the application deadline, a committee of three professionals will be appointed by the board to review resumes and references. Then the board will conduct interviews with the top three to five candidates in late July since most candidates likely will need to give their employers 60 days notice.

In addition, a social event will be held for the top candidates and their spouses and each candidate will tour the facility and meet key staff and some doctors.

After reviewing the final applicants with key staff members and physicians, the board will select the final candidate.

In other personnel-related action, the board also approved a 2 percent across-the-board raise for GRMC employees that was included in the budget.

Marks said the increase was important to help the facility stay competitive in hiring employees.

“Our employees are being paid less than market value,” Marks said. “Our department directors have been putting in 50- to 60-hour work weeks.”