Mayor Pro Tem Barbara Mitchell has submitted a letter of resignation to Mayor Pam Miller and the Glen Rose City Council, sources close to the situation told the Reporter.

A letter was submitted last Tuesday afternoon and turned over to City Attonrey Andrew Lucas, said City Secretary Peggy Busch. However, Busch added that she didn't see the contents of the letter.

"Barbara came into the office and gave me a letter to give to the mayor and to council and that's what I did," Busch said.

If the letter were, indeed, a resignation letter, "they have to accept it," Busch said.

Asked what the process would be to replace Mitchell, Busch said that the council can appoint someone to fill in until the next regularly scheduled city election, which would be May 2011. Then a special election would be held to fill the position.

City sources said that some members of the city council have suggested appointing the person who received the next highest number of votes in this year's May city council election. That would be Rocky Terry.

The next step likely will be discussed at the next council meeting on Oct. 11.