Local horsewoman, Susan Goen, sold a four-year-old mare at the Fort Worth Stock Show in February after a stellar performance in several events.

Acres Joy is a daughter of Sixteen Acres, an award winning horse trained by Garry Acuncius and Megan Cooke of GDA Livestock in Glen Rose.

Goen and Acres Joy were at the stock show from Jan. 17 until Feb. 7 and competed in five events. The mare did not earn a time in the working cow horse category, but finished well in the trail, western pleasure, western horsemanship and halter categories.

Out of more than 800 horses at the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) competition, Acres Joy earned the Reserve All-Around title.

“The best part of the show was going in there with a four-year-old that hadn’t been anywhere and she didn’t blow up,” Goen said, admitting that she had been thrown off the mare once before.

Goen said she had planned to take Acres Joy to more shows, but could never get the scheduling worked out.

Goen bought Acres Joy at a Tarleton State University auction in May 2008. She then kept the horse with Acuncius and Cooke, who agreed to train and work with the mare.

Acuncius and Cooke said the mare could be challenging at times, but overall Acres Joy was an exceptional student.

“(She was an) extremely athletic and extremely responsive mare,” Acuncius said.

Acres Joy was sold at the stock show to a stable in Strawn.