The transfer of the Glen Rose Medical Center (GRMC) from a foundation to a hospital authority is nearly complete.

The foundation met last Monday and approved two lease assignments and transition agreements in relation to the hospital’s changeover. Somervell County elected officials and members of the hospital authority were also present at the meeting.

“The exhibits have been taken before the county as well as the authority board and been acted on,” GRMC CEO Gary Marks said. “What we need from the foundation is the approval of some special documents.”

Somervell County Attorney Ron Hankins was on hand to further explain the documents.

“What these documents do is sign the lease from the foundation to the hospital authority,” Hankins said. “The hospital lease and the nursing home lease are going to be almost identical.”

The assignments and agreements for the hospital and the nursing home will be between the hospital authority, Somervell County and Glen Rose Medical Foundation, Inc.