Glen Rose Independent School District students scored higher than the state level in every single TAKS test except for one.

The preliminary test results were presented to the GRISD school board Monday night by Diane Habluetzel, the district's director of curriculum.

TAKS is short for Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills. The standardized test is based on Texas state standards and is used to judge student performance. Students from the third to tenth grades took the tests last October.

In reading, all GRISD grades scored above 90 percent and above the state level except in the sixth grade and in the overall exit report. The sixth grade reading score was 80 percent, compared with 87 percent for the state.

“That was an area we were concerned about,” Habluetzel said. “We're looking at things we can do to improve next year.”

She also noted that the week in October when the TAKS test was administered also came after the death of a student, which rattled many of the children.

“We're not looking for excuses,” Habluetzel said. “We're looking for ways to improve. Our teachers are taking this very seriously.”

The district's total reading score was 93 percent, slightly below the state's 95 percent.

In math, writing, science and social studies, GRISD students beat the state.

“We're outperforming the state in math on all levels,” Habluetzel commented.

The highest score was in writing, where seventh graders performed at a 98 percent level, compared with 94 percent for the state. Students also scored a 97 percent in fourth-grade math, fifth-grade science and eighth-grade social studies, compared with the state's 85, 87 and 95 percent, respectively.

Tenth-graders performed at 96 percent in reading (compared with the state's 91 percent), 96 percent in math in the third grade (compared with 87 percent) and 96 percent in fifth-grade math (compared with the state's 86 percent).

For a look at all the preliminary scores, go to the district's Web site at www. and see the TAKS testing results by clicking on the “board of trustees” button, then the June 27 meeting link and the “agenda packet” link.