A prank pulled off by students at Glen Rose High School did not seem so entertaining to campus administrators who had to essentially shut down the school for 30 minutes Monday morning.

Prior to the school’s bells ringing to signal the change of class periods, a group of students reportedly dumped thousands of marbles into several hallways.

After a review of the school’s video surveillance system, the pranksters were identified and handed down punishment by the school’s administration, said Glen Rose ISD Superintendent Wayne Rotan.

“It wasn’t a funny prank when it disrupted school for 30 minutes,” said Rotan, who assisted with the clean-up. “We had to hold students in the classrooms and keep them out of the hallways.”

After identifying the students involved in the incident, it was determined that eight 5-gallon buckets full of marbles were poured across the school’s floors, the superintendent said.

A total of nine students, whose identities and classifications were not released, were disciplined by GRHS Principal Tommy Corcoran, said Rotan. “We took appropriate actions as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. They’ll return to school once their punishment is fulfilled.”

Rotan did not disclose details into how the students were punished and whether or not they were suspended from attending regular classes at the high school. He also said no criminal charges were pending at the time.

“It took approximately 30 minutes to clean all those up. If we had students in the hallways we could have had injuries,” said Rotan. “We have several students on crutches and teachers who are pregnant, and you can’t turn 500 students into the hallways with 18,000 marbles rolling around.”

The clean-up was a combined effort, Rotan said, involving the school’s custodial staff, teachers and those involved in the prank.

“They’re the ones that chose to cause the disruption of the school day. But the funny thing is they want to pull the prank but don’t want to pay the price in punishment,” said Rotan, adding that all nine students received the same disciplinary action. “They just snuck them (marbles) in the back door and ran down the hallways. It was all caught on the school’s security system.”

While several students were reportedly upset about the severe punishment, Rotan said he feels the punishment fits the crime in this case. “You always are going to have people who say it’s too severe or not severe enough. If they wouldn’t have done it, we wouldn’t be talking about it.”