The county Hospital Authority Board has received 93 applications for the chief executive officer position at Glen Rose Medical Center.

Larry Shaw, the board's chairman, said “a large number” of the applications are from outside of Texas.

“We are meeting this week to reduce that list down to a more workable number of perhaps 10 to 15 people,” Shaw said. “Our plans are to ask them to respond to a set of written questions, which along with their resumes will assist us in then narrowing the field to a short list of three to five candidates.”

The 20 to 25 questions will be aimed at learning more about each person's management style and needs, Shaw added during Tuesday morning's board meeting at the medical center.

The board plans a two-day interview process for the finalists. The first day they will meet with the hospital and the second day with the board.

That final round will take place in late August or very early September, Shaw said. Spouses of candidates also will be invited to Glen Rose.

"You're recruiting a whole family, not just one person," he added. "We're selling ourselves when we ask somebody to relocate. You're asking them to pick up their lives and relocate to Glen Rose."

Gary Marks, the center's current CEO, announced in May that he planned to retire from the position effective Nov. 6.

Marks, 62, has been with the medical center for 38 years. His father, Dr. Roger Marks, and Dr. Robert English, had started a clinic together and saw the need for a modern medical facility for Glen Rose. Marks joined the center after receiving a master's degree in health care administration from Trinity University and became the CEO in 1974.

GRMC also recently completed its certification from The Joint Commission, a non-profit organization that accredits more than 19,000 health care organizations in the United States.

“That's no small step for a small hospital,” Shaw said.