Discussions about the 4B tax heated up this week and the 4B Tax Advisory Board prepares to move forward with the Riverwalk project.

Helen Kerwin, owner of the Country Woods Inn, addressed the Glen Rose City Council during their Monday night meeting.

Kerwin said she supports the project and loves the vision the city has for the Riverwalk, but she is concerned about the consequences the project will have on her property, her business and, consequently, her livelihood. Kerwin’s bed and breakfast is located on the Paluxy River and the proposed Riverwalk would run through her property.

She said the water district has already removed trees from her property and she subsequently worked to bring in rocks to create a barrier between her property and the public access portion of the river. The rocks will also help to prevent erosion.

As much as she likes the idea of a Riverwalk, Kerwin still has two issues she would like to resolve before she grants the easement to the city.

Her first concern involves insurance and liability. Under Texas torte laws, the city can only be sued for a limited monetary amount. Kerwin is concerned that if anything happens on the portion of the Riverwalk that would cut through her property, she would be the primary target in a lawsuit since she is a private citizen.

Her second concern is the length of the easement contract. Kerwin said she is not opposed to a three to five year contract. However, she is concerned that a longer contract would severely limit her ability to sale her property.

Margaret Drake also addressed the council saying she approved the bid from EHT engineering company. She said the company would be able to start surveying up to Kerwin’s property line. With the surveys, Drake said a more accurate estimate for the Riverwalk project could be made.

The council voted to approve $13,500 to fund the engineering studies.

City superintendent Ronald Bruce asked the council members to adopt a resolution authorizing an application for a park grant. Bruce said this particular grant was not for the purchase of land, but for park development. The grant money would go towards the Riverwalk project. The council approved his request and he will now be able to apply for the grant.

The 4B Tax Advisory Board was scheduled to meet at 6:30 p.m. on July 15; however, only three of the board members arrived to the meeting. Under state laws, four board members were needed for a quorum.

On Saturday at 8 a.m., a representative from the EHT engineering company will be at Heritage Park to walk through the Riverwalk plans.