The holidays are big business, and some retailers hope to cash in a little earlier this year. Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Kmart, Walmart and Macy's are among a list of retailers who said they will be open at some point on Thanksgiving Day, allowing holiday shoppers to get an early start on Black Friday specials.

C5EBCCAF-E4C0-0001-62A6CA701CA01960 I'm in. It 's the perfect time to hit the highway for savings. 1 C5EBCCB0-D530-0001-CD801E3012801517 I might shop. But only after food, family and/or football. 0 C5EBCCB2-28C0-0001-1143788A4D80F110 No way! Retail workers deserve time off. 16 C5EBCCB4-0370-0001-F6921B881909A4E0 Cha ching! Business is business. 4 C5EBCCB5-B330-0001-20A6119018AE1AB7 None of the above. I don't celebrate or shop. 1 C5EBCCB7-B190-0001-594F1AD01958176B I am undecided. 0