The City of Glen Rose and Somervell County spent almost $35,000 to fight the Big Trickle Ranch wildfire in March that started in Bosque County and spread to Somervell, scorching thousands of acres.

Dwayne Griffin, the county's fire marshal and emergency management coordinator, tallied the costs of battling the massive wildfire as follows:

City of Glen Rose

Regular time for employees $ 827.56

Overtime for employees 1,180.61

Equipment used (includes fuel) 2,048.00

Repairs to equipment due to fire damage 50.00

City Total Costs $ 4,106.17

Fire Department

Volunteer time (figured at FEMA reimbursement $10 per hour)

$ 4,230.00

Equipment used (includes fuel) 12,727.50

Repairs made to vehicles due to fire damage 1,900.55

Fire Dept. Costs 18,858.05

Sheriff’s Department

Regular time for employees $ 1,858.98

Overtime for employees 1,939.62

Equipment used (includes fuel) 1,243.15

Sheriff’s Dept. Costs 5,041.75

County Barn

Regular time for employees $ 413.65

Overtime for employees 2,971.18

Equipment used (includes fuel) 3,551.75

County Barn Costs 6,936.58

Total $34,942.55

The estimate has been submitted to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for reimbursement.

However, Griffin said, it would be a year before the FEMA funds could be disbursed.