Special to the Reporter

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center has three more cheetahs.

Sometime during the night of August 29, Jules gave birth to a litter of four: three girls and one boy. Surviving babies are one male and two females. One female died on day two. She was very small, about half the size of the others. Her weight was 250 grams while the others were male, 568 grams; first female, 504 grams; and second female, 483 grams.

This is the second litter for Jules. She had her first litter in April of 2010; however, that litter disappeared on the day of birth. This litter is doing great. All three have more than doubled their weights and have their eyes open. They are beginning to become very mobile, even walking out of their house and exploring a little. Jules has been an excellent mother.

Jules was born in January 2002 at the Hoedspruit Research Centre,in Africa. The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Neb., purchased her in 2003. She was brought to Fossil Rim in 2008 for breeding.

The father is Otavi, born in Namibia, in 2000. He was orphaned when his dam was shot by a farmer. The litter was taken to the Cheetah Conservation Fund and Octavi went on to White Oak Conservation Center in Yulee Fla., in 2006 as a gift from the Namibian government. He arrived at Fossil Rim in March 2009.

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