Only a day after Fossil Rim Wildlife Center's former visionary co-owner passed away, the

center's research coordinator, Dr. Roy D. McClements, died March 14 after suffering an apparent heart


McClements, 32, was playing basketball in Granbury when he died.

In addition to his post at Fossil Rim, McClements was an adjunct faculty member in Tarleton

State University's Department of Animal Sciences and a member of the graduate faculty. He taught a

class on wildlife diseases last fall and was looking forward to teaching at Tarleton again this coming


“He was very involved with faculty and students from Tarleton,” the university said in a

statement. “Those who met Roy will likely remember his Australian colloquialisms and his warm


McClements is survived by his wife, Dr. Holly Haefele, a veterinarian at Fossil Rim.

Funeral arrangements were not disclosed.

Jim Jackson, who helped transform Fossil Rim into an internationally known conservation and

education center, died on March 13 in Panama where he was rehabilitating an old cacao plantation. He

and his partner, Christine Jurzykowski, purchased Fossil Rim in the mid-1980s. He was 63.

A memorial service for Jackson will be held in Glen Rose possibly this summer or fall.