Glen Rose City Council members met at a called meeting on Monday, Sept. 22, to work out details on continuing animal control issues. City and county officials have been trying to hash out an agreement for several weeks.

For the city, the heart of the issue involves growing costs, including fuel price increases. A review of the budgeted amounts for the last five years showed increases ranging from $6,000 to $23,000 each year.

Glen Rose City Superintendent Ronald Bruce, Animal Control Officer Tammy Ray and Police Chief Weldon Mitchell attended a special session for the Somervell County Commissionerís Court on Sept. 15. At the meeting, commissionerís discussed the possibility of a drop-off fee.

The council did consider the fee Monday night but decided against it. They did not want Ray to have the additional task of assessing fees and handling money.

Council members decided to ask City Attorney Andy Lucas to draft a five-year contract. After five years, the contract can be renegotiated.

Councilman Bob Stricklin suggested reviewing the interlocal agreement each spring, allowing county commissionerís more time to consider it prior to budgetary meetings.