Clifton, a small town in Bosque County with a population just shy of 4,000, was recently rocked by a murder, which left one resident dead and five others behind bars.

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, Clifton Police responded to a call advising that an intoxicated individual was unresponsive at Dahl Park. When police arrived on scene, they found the body of Arturo Chavez, 57, of Clifton. Chavez, who was identified by his driver's license, suffered a fatal gunshot wound under his right jawbone.

Clifton police called in the Department of Public Safety Crime Lab to assist with the investigation.

Within hours, officers had a lead on the case, which led them to 22-year-old Jennifer Dunn.

According to an arrest warrant affidavit released by Bosque County Judge Bennett Morrow, Dunn did "intentionally cause the death of an individual, namely Arturo Chavez, by shooting" during the course of a robbery.

After waiving her right to counsel, Dunn told police that she and four other individuals "conspired to commit the offense of robbery against the victim."

According to the affidavit, Dunn had agreed to meet Chavez at Dahl Park where another party would commit the robbery.

The four other individuals Dunn disclosed to police were Clifton residents Pedro Ramirez III, 23, Angelica Nieto, 23, two minors, a 14-year-old male and a 16-year-old female, who both attend Clifton High School.

All five suspects were charged with capital murder on Sept. 24.

The 14-year-old's father, Ernest Ramirez, recently spoke with KXXV News Channel 25 about his son's involvement with the case. He told Channel 25 that his son stated that he did not commit the crime.

"All I know is, he told me, he didn't do it, and we will find out who pulled the trigger. I understand he was home, and it will come out," he said.

Ernest Ramirez, also the uncle of Nieto and Pedro Ramirez, said his family is trying to determine their next step.

"I feel like I lost my son," Ernest Ramirez told Channel 25.

According to the interview, Ramirez's son is being held at Granbury Juvenile Facility in Hood County. A court date has been set for the 14-year-old but it was not released to the media.

In the meantime, Clifton is mourning the loss of Chavez, who was depicted as a kind and gentle man, according to various media reports.

Hector Quintero, who discovered the victim, told KWTX News 10 that Chavez was well known in the neighborhood because he was often seen sharing candy with children and playing with them at the park.

Officials at the Clifton branch of First National Bank of Bosque County also told News 10 that Chavez had been employed there on a part-time basis for more than a decade.

Nieto and Dunn are being held in the Somervell County Jail on a $750,000 bond each. Ramirez is being held in the Bosque County Jail, also on a $750,000 bond.