The Somervell Commissioners Court held a special session on June 16. One agenda item involved a corner lot near the Expo Center.

Located at Bo Gibbs and Texas Drive, the corner lot is owned by Christine Juszykowski. Although it is not being used, the lot does have an electrical drop that once supplied electricity to portable horse stables. The court would like to use the lot and the electrical drop to accommodate more RVs during large events at the center.

During open discussion, commissioners said they would only open and use the lot during an event. Somervell County Judge Walter Maynard said people have been parking their RVs on the lot already during events and simply used their own generators as a power supply.

The court also agreed to pay rent to Juszykowski by allowing her to post a sign advertising Fossil Rim Wildlife Center on the lot. She will also be allowed to keep a brochure rack for Fossil Rim in the Expo Center.