Following years of allegations that he was "doping," seven-time Tour de France winner (he has been stripped of those titles) Lance Armstrong has come clean on the issue. The Austinite admitted in an Oprah Winfrey interview that he took performance-enhancing drugs, including banned testosterone, for a significant period of time and during each of the title wins. The Reporter wants to know how you feel on the issue.

C58B3C76-9EA0-0001-18E11716852312F9 I applaud his coming clean after more than a decade of denial. 0 C58B3C79-5A40-0001-8F922E71142912A6 I am satisfied. He should be allowed to return to competition. 1 C58B3C7D-6E60-0001-298534F09D209600 I'm not affected by the drugs. The real story is his cancer battle. 1 C58B3C87-9690-0001-F2821F90A2101600 He should be penalized and repay every penny earned from his fame. 3 C58B3C8E-1590-0001-D357354421501359 I really don't care. 5