It is hot. It is very HOT! That’s all I’ve got to say about that! Let’s move on to something cooler.

The Walnut Springs Volunteer Fire Department would like to let the community know they appreciate all the support they have received through donation, new members, kind words, and calls to the Bosque County sheriff’s Office to report emergencies. They would also like to let people know who is on the department. The fire chief is Thurman Singletary, assistant chief was Bob Walls, but their family has now moved on to another church home. Other members of the department are Gary Anderson, Jr., Clay Buckner, Cathy Ripley, Joe Herring and Wesley Singletary, junior firefighter. The fire department really need more volunteers. It may seem that this is plenty of folks until you get a fire and then you will realize just how many people are really needed. If you would like to help out by becoming a volunteer just ask any of these members for an application or go by the fire hall on the first and third Saturdays at 10 a.m. during their meetings. Anyone is welcome at the meetings. You don’t have to fight fires. You can help in other areas, such as fundraising, support, etc.

The WSVFD would also like to let everyone know that something BIG is coming on June 21st to Walnut Springs. Go ahead and mark your calendars for this “Rubberneckin” event watching them put out a “Hunka, Hunka, Burning Love.” They would really like for you all to come and see an Elvis tribute artist, Kraig Parker from the Dallas area to put on a concert at the high school auditorium. Karen Singletary has seen the show he puts on and says he is really good and has won several awards. He has been to Vegas with his show and he also has a band that performs with him, but not at this concert. The Fire Dept. is really stretching it to be able to afford to hire him, but are hoping for a real good turnout to raise money for more equipment and other things needed in the department. So, “Don’t be Cruel”, by not coming to the fundraiser, and be sure you drive your “Pink Cadillac” or whatever you want to the Walnut Springs auditorium. And remember that $20 is a small price to pay to get “All Shook Up.” Do you have “Suspicious Minds?” If so, come on out on June 21st to see for yourself how good Kraig Parker is. Try to keep in mind the thought of, “what if we had a fire and no one came?” That could happen, you know, if we loose our volunteer department, so get you tickets now and help them stay alive for us all!

Karen Singletary just had a birthday this past week, so if you see her be sure and wish her a very happy birthday!

The cutest little guy came to see me this past Friday while I was working at the P.O. Nana Paula and Pops Johnny Jones have had a wonderful two weeks taking care of their newest grandbaby. John William Stark is the spitting image of his mother, Kim, with great big brown eyes that make you melt. John is now 7 1/2 months old and after letting him come home with the grandparents while she and her husband, Russ, went to Arizona for training for her job, the parents pretty much went into melt-down mode a couple of times. It’s extremely hard to realize how much you will miss that sweetie when you are so tired of making bottles and changing diapers, until he or she is gone for over a period of hours. Aunt Shawn-Marie, Uncle Joe and the boys, AAron and Andrew also had a ball playing and fussing over John. John William, it was a pleasure meeting you and please come back and visit soon again.

Roseann Jackson wants you all to know that the 2007-08 annuals are for sell now at the low price of $30. Just come by the school and ask Karen Prescher for one, she’ll be more than happy to help you.

Donnie Olson has been under the weather lately and even bad enough to spend a few days in the hospital with pneumonia. We saw her last night at the Central Texas Youth Fair held in Clifton. We went to watch several of our youth from here in Walnut Springs who were participating in several of the events. It all started with the showing of their animals that they have spent many hours feeding, walking, and just taking care of them, and then finally loving them. It is a very hard lesson for each of them on the first show they enter. Most of them are separately from those animals they have spent so much time with for the past year and that is the hardest thing they have ever done. But it does begin to get easier and if you have ever watched them as they show their animals, you can see in their faces how much they love being a part of the whole show. It is very good experience for them all. Now to get down to who won what. Thursday they showed the lambs with Colby Townley class 5 Junior Market Lamb winning 7th place. Then Shea Jones won 1st place in the class 8 Junior Market lamb show, Whitleigh Billman won 4th and Shea Jones also took 5th. Now I don’t know how you win 1st and 5th, but I promise you that it is what the paper says. Then Shakota Billman took 1st place in the Class 3 Junior Market Lamb show winning Grand Champion and in Class 4 she took 1st place with Reserve Breed Champion in the Junior market lamb show. WOW!! Then Thursday evening they showed their pigs with Eddy Whitt taking 4th in Senior Showmanship in the class 3 Junior Market Swine. Amaryllis Heartsill took 2nd place in the Class 4 Junior Market Swine with medium weight Reserve Champion, and this was her first time ever to show an animal. Denver Daughtry, also a first timer took 3rd in Class 4 Junior Market Swine, Eddy Whitt took 4th place in the same group and Shakota Billman took 5th. Then in Class 5 Lauren Powell took 4th place in Junior Market Swine, with Whitleigh Billman taking 6th place. Then in Class 6 in Junior Market Swine Whitleigh Billman took 2nd. On Friday morning Jessica Anderson took 3rd place in Heavy Market Goats and then in the Light Class Market Goats Cassandra Perez took 2nd, Jessica Anderson took 3rd, Morgan Samsell took 4th, Shea Jones took 5th and Ashley Daniels took 6th. We were really on a roll with that class! Several of the kids also entered into the Ag Mech. Events of building projects. Whitleigh Billman won 1st in the Indoor Furniture by making a wooden and metal bed, Shadie Shadix won 2nd by making a mosaic table. Jessica Anderson won 2nd in the outdoor furniture with a Adirondack love seat. Shea Jones won 2nd with a Stationary BBQ Stand. Eddy Whitt entered a picnic table, Amaryllis Heartsill entered a Adirondack chair, and Ashley Cieslewicz entered a table. Shakota Billman, for the first time, entered the Calf Scramble, during the rodeo on Friday night and caught her a calf and got him haltered but didn’t make it to the center in time for the money. But it sounds like she had a great time trying. Shadie Shadix also entered a Milky Way Cake that made the sale which was held on Saturday. And since this news goes in on Friday evening the outcome of the sale will have to wait until next week. These young men and women proved to be all very versatile in their talents and gave their best in showing their animals.

Well, that’s it for this week. Please send any news to me at or call 254-797-8200. Now like the farmer said when he fell off the wagon, I gotta hit the road.