Mayor Pam Miller, as widely expected, submitted a letter of resignation Tuesday around noon in preparation to apply for the open position as manager of Oakdale Park, sources said.

A city spokesperson confirmed the mayor's resignation. She did not give a reason for her decision, but people familiar with the mayor's plans said she has been interested in the Oakdale Park job for some time.

Miller could not be reached for comment.

At the next Glen Rose City Council meeting on Monday, Nov. 8, the council will vote whether to accept her resignation and appoint a replacement. Johnny Martin recently was named mayor pro tem after Barbara Mitchell resigned. The council does not have to appoint him mayor, but it certainly has the votes to do so.

"It's up to them," the city spokesperson said.

Miller has been serving her third term as mayor and would have been up for re-election next May.

One of the agenda items on Monday night's city council meeting was to discuss and possibly adopt a job description for Oakdale Park manager. At what turned out to be Miller's last meeting to preside as mayor, she participated in that discussion.

Mayor Pro Tem Johnny Martin suggested changing the wording of the job description. It had read the applicant "must" have park administration experience to "should."

Miller also was involved in the discussion about whether the position should be for a contracted position or salaried. If the job were a contracted position, the number of hours the person worked could not be specified. However, the job at Oakdale will require the manager to work many weekends.

ìYou're going to have a hard time making this position a contract position,î City Attorney Andrew Lucas advised the council.

Councilman Chris Bryant said in that case, the council would have to come up with a pay rate.

In previous meetings, it was suggested that the manager be hired as a supervisor with a starting salary of $15 an hour, plus benefits.

Miller said that if the manager was hired as an employee, that person would still have probation period so the city could make sure the manager was accomplishing goals. The period would be 90 days and could be extended.

ìWe need some way of proving we have the right person in the job because it's going to be a huge undertaking,î Councilwoman Sue Oldenburg said.

ìWho would they report to?î Councilman Bob Stricklin asked.

ìI think it would be to the superintendent,î Ronald Bruce, Miller answered.

Martin moved to approve the job description and compensation terms. The vote was unanimous in favor. The council also appointed a committee to review applications for parkk manager and choose the top applications to present to the city council. The four appointed to the committee were Oldenburg, Bruce, Darrell Best, head of the Glen Rose Economic Development Corp., and Dr. Patrick Condy, executive director of Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.

The previous manager of Oakdale, Cindy King, who had held the position when the May family owned the park before the city purchased it, was fired several months ago for allegedly misstating hours on her time sheet.

In other action, the council voted to change its meeting schedule from twice a month to once a month ñ the second Monday of each month. Martin said he favored going back to one monthly meeting, but Stricklin said he opposed it.

ìTo me, it makes for a long time between decisions,î he said. He added that he thought it would mean longer council meetings and make it harder for citizens to attend.

Bryant said he also favored going back to one meetings because he works full-time and could use the extra time to consider items on the agenda.

Stricklin had proposed possibly reducing council salaries, but the majority of the council disagreed with that.

Bryant said that between the time he devoted to city business, gasoline and cell phone bills, he would like to see the pay remain at $100 a month or even be increased for future council members.

Bryant, Martin and Tom Osborn voted for cutting back the schedule, but not cutting back the council's pay. Oldenburg and Stricklin were the dissenters.