Students at Glen Rose High School now have two additional classes available to them for advanced credit.

On Monday, during a regular meeting of the Glen Rose Independent School District Board of Trustees, the trustees unanimously approved adding online classes in government and economics to the Advanced Placement courses available to high school students.

The classes are currently being taken online by several students through Hill College.

“Although we do not have a staff member who is qualified to teach this course at the high school, students can take this course via distance education/web through Hill College,” the agenda item synopsis states. “This will increase the number of dual credit offerings from 52 college hours to 59 college hours.”

There will be no budgetary impact for adding these courses to the high school curriculum. Students can currently earn college credit in 11 courses offered through GRISD.

The students enrolled in the classes this semester are taking the course on the high school campus during scheduled periods in the computer lab. Currently, there are eight students enrolled in government and two in economics.

Interest in the courses has already been expressed by several students for next semester.