Ron Paul of Texas remains in the lead of the Glen Rose Reporter's unofficial online political poll asking voters whom they favor as the next Republican presidential nominee.

But his margin has been shrinking as Rick Santorum has gradually climbed in the poll.

As of Monday afternoon, Paul held 50 percent, compared with Santorum's 28 percent of readers casting their online votes.

Mitt Romney trailed far behind with 11 percent. 

"None of above" garnered 7 percent of the votes so far. 

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is running last with 4 percent. 

There is a certain margin of error in online polls since respondents can cast votes for their favored candidates multiple times from different computers and votes can come from anyone, anywhere.

Currently, the Reporter's new Web site does not have a "pay wall," meaning that even non-subscribers have access to all of its interactive features, including the poll. 

We'll keep the poll running through Wednesday, so please go to and vote. We will contact the candidates for comment. The voters of the second smallest county in Texas deserve to be heard.