Somervell County Commissioners held a brief meeting Monday morning to discuss two ongoing projects.

The court approved a $131,681 change order for the Glen Rose Medical Center expansion project. County Judge Walter Maynard said it was the first payment request for previously approved change orders.

“It’s not an additional $131,681 but pieces of previously approved “orders,” Maynard said.

So far, the expansion has crossed the $10 million mark with a $10,846,007 total.

Commissioners also heard from City Superintendent Ronald Bruce regarding two easements on county property for city projects.

The first easement would provide room for a lift station at Squaw Valley Golf Course for the future expansion for the sewer system.

The area has already been staked between holes 11 and 12 and would house a generator. Commissioner Mike Ford said city, county and golf course representatives already discussed and agreed on the location and how to landscape the area.

Bruce and commissioners also discussed an easement at Heritage Park for a sidewalk. Margaret Drake said the plan was to have a sidewalk going around a cluster of Oak trees outside the fence along Grand Avenue.

Commissioner James Barnard was concerned the construction would harm the trees and suggested placing the sidewalk inside the fence

The court approved both easements with the stipulation that the court approves the final placement of the sidewalk.