Glen Rose Health Partnership acquired struggling Meridian Manor, stabilizing the financially plagued clinic in Bosque County.

According to an article in the Bosque County News, the Meridian Hospital Board borrowed $500,000 in January of this year to keep the facility running. They began pursuing other options in September.

Glen Rose Health Partnership is a not-for-profit organization and works closely with Glen Rose Medical Center (GRMC), which is also not-for-profit. The move will bring new technology and a greater access to care through GRMC.

Rose Beck of Glen Rose Health Partnership said the acquisition should be finalized this week. She said Meridian Manor approached the partnership about purchasing the clinic.

“A big part of the equation is allowing GRMC to have a clinic in Meridian,” Beck said. “There hasn’t been a doctor in that town for years.”

The acquisition will bring new technology and new resources to Meridian Manor, such as an X-ray unit and diagnostic equipment.