Kelly Booker arrived home Tuesday evening to find smoke coming from beneath his mobile home in Squaw Creek Park. His wife Delaine said he discovered the house was on fire when he tried to go inside.

"He opened the door and it was so black he couldn't see anything in the house," Delaine said.

Somervell County Volunteer firefighters responded to the 911 call. Four hours later, the fire was out, the house was gone and one volunteer was transported by helicopter to Parkland Hospital with second-degree burns.

"I felt so bad," Delaine said. "It's bad enough to lose everything, but for someone to get hurtů"

Delaine said two fire marshals have returned to the scene and believe the fire started in the kitchen behind the refrigerator.

She said the injured fireman was stuck in the kitchen and tried to escape out of a small window. His fellow firefighters tried to help him out, but he lost part of his gear, exposing his hands to the intense heat.

On Wednesday afternoon, an update on the volunteer's condition was not available, but officials are hopeful he will be OK.

Delaine and her husband, along with several family members, are left sifting through charred remains hoping to salvage anything they can.

"We're just going to move whatever we can out and tear it down," Delaine said. "I've never been around anything like this as far as disasters go. You really don't know what you need. It's the little things you take for granted like makeup and finger nail clippers."

She also said the loss of irreplaceable items is hard to take. As her mom Linda Laramore tried to save wedding albums and yearbooks, Delaine said she lost her grandmother's bedroom suite in the blaze.

"My granddad was born on that bed in 1898," Delaine said. "Antique tables, Robert Summers prints - it's all gone."

She added that the firefighters were able to save a box marked "pictures" from the spare bedroom before the fire gutted the room.

But in the tragedy, she sees hope. She is grateful that the family's four dogs and nine puppies were uninjured. The family also has a 15-year-old blue McCaw named Lulu and a seven-year-old African gray named Polly that were not hurt in the fire.

"And the Red Cross was great," she said.

She has been touched by how much support she has received from family and friends in the hours following.

For now, she and Kelly are staying with her mom who lives in Glen Rose.