One of the more prominent petrified wood buildings in Glen Rose, Lane’s Garage, was built as a service station, auto mechanic shop, and a Ford dealership.

In about 1915, Lee Lane built an auto mechanic shop of sheet iron on the corner of Pecan and Barnard. He liked mechanic work better than farming. Later, he bought the Ford agency in the Talley Building and operated both businesses for a few years.

Around 1927, Lane tore down the old building and built a new one big enough to adequately accommodate his Ford dealership and the service station. Sons, Linnie, Lannie and Ruby Lane, and daughters, Anne Lane Moss and Lorena Lane Hancock, all worked along with their father in these businesses.

Anne Lane Moss recalled that she and Lorena would go with their dad to Dallas where he bought Model Ts to sell. She and Lorena would then drive one back to Glen Rose while their dad drove the other. Very few women drove cars in those days.

Lane contracted with the local lumberyard man, F.S. Williams, to build the structure. The petrified wood veneer was built by Granville Norman who built other petrified wood structures in Glen Rose. The petrified wood, hauled in wagons, came from the Leslie Hart farm in the Rock Creek community. Other workmen on the structure were Peavine Ramsay, John Taylor, John Cinto, and Tobe Keenum.

Someone in the Lane family operated the Ford dealership for nearly 40 years, and at one time it was the longest-held family dealership in the nation.