Connally Miller gave the Glen Rose City Council a quick update on the 4B Economic Development Tax committee activities Monday night.

He reported that the committee approved the construction of the Riverwalk at their last meeting.

The committee has about $450,000 to $475,000 in the bank and with revenue generated under the 4B tax every month Miller feels they should be able to finish the $643,000 project without borrowing any money.

Miller also said that the committee agreed to return any leftover money back to the fund to be used as needed.

Ronald Bruce said the Phase I of the project should only take a couple months and he was confident that the committee would have money left over, even if the project had change orders.

The $643,000 construction cost is an estimate based on engineering plans. The construction project has not been put out for bids yet.

Margaret Drake asked the council how much more involved they wanted the Riverwalk committee to be in the project.

“It would seem to me the committee needs to stay with it through the bidding process and start of construction,” said Councilman Bob Stricklin.

Mayor Pam Miller agreed, stating the committee will be instrumental in making sure the project stays on point.

Stricklin also asked that the council consider regulations for wind power devices and natural gas pipelines in city limits.

“We need to gather regulations for some of the cities that have done it and boiler plate them in so we have something on the books,” Stricklin said.

He pointed out that other municipalities did not have such regulations in place and are now dealing with companies putting in pipelines whereever they want.

The items will be researched and considered at a future meeting.

Stricklin also brought up the idea of implementing a hiring freeze and large expenditure review until the budget can be reviewed.

The mayor said she could see not wanting to add new positions but felt the staff was already so tight that production would be hurt if someone left.

Bruce agreed, stating that he already runs two crews of two workers. If someone left, one shift would be left with only one worker.

The council decided to review positions as they come open, but agreed not to add any new jobs.

They also agreed to re-review large budget projects as they come up.

Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Billy Huckaby gave his monthly report to the council Monday night.

“I’m anxious and dreading seeing our first quarter hotel/motel tax because I really don’t have a clue,” Huckaby said. “But I think it’s going to change this weekend. We’re getting a lot of calls for spring break.”

He also said they would be buying a video soon so clips can be imbedded on their Web site. He also said they would post clips to that will pop up on search engines.

One big event Huckaby is looking forward to in July is the Cowboy Action Show, where trick shooters show off their skills.

In other business, the council approved a contract with the Somervell County Water District (SCWD). SCWD General Manager Kevin Taylor said a provision was added to the contract limiting annual price changes to no more or less than 15 percent at a time.

The council authorized the Historic Preservation Board’s application for a $2,000 matching fund grant through Leon-Bosque RC&D. The funds would be used to reconstruct the Deason Building in Heritage Park.

The building cannot be restored due to its deterioration, but pieces of the building will be salvaged and used to rebuild the structure. The entire project will cost an estimated $19,000.

Karen Richardson asked to council to hold off on a vote regarding the expansion of the Preservation District. She said the Historic Preservation Board is still waiting on a written report from the Texas Historic Commission. The review could suggest the board broaden the Preservation District north to Mustang Street to include more petrified wood buildings and the First United Methodist Church.

City Attorney Andy Lucas reported that he sent a letter to Representative Sid Miller regarding the ongoing flood problem in the Stadium Addition. The city is still waiting to see study reports from TxDOT.