Special to the Reporter

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, was recently recognized by ECO-CELL as being No. 13 of the top 20 zoos and museums in North America for cell phone recycling efforts in 2008.

Fossil Rim began the cell phone recycling program in 2007 and collected 851 cell phones for recycling in 2008. Fossil Rim receives from 45 cents to $15 per phone donated, depending on the type and all funds from ECO-CELL go towards Fossil Rim’s Conservation Programs.

ECO-CELL is North America’s premiere cell phone recycling program. In 2008, the organization diverted 4,000 pounds of toxic cell phone batteries, 35,000 cell phones and 6,000 pounds of cell phone accessories from landfills

ECO- CELL runs a strict no lanfill program. All items received, including, batteries, accessories, and phones with no resale value, are recycled using the best demonstrated technologies for recycling e-waste.

If you have an old cell phone lying around, bring it to the collection box at the front gate admissions to Fossil Rim for recycling. Organizations and groups are also encouraged to collect old cell phones and bring them to Fossil Rim. Pick-ups can be arranged for large donations, and/or a free Fossil Rim donation box can be requested through ECO-CELL and placed at your business for collections. For more information on these options, call ECO-CELL at (888)326-3357

Fossil Rim is a not-for-profit 1,700 acre facility that specializes in captive-breeding programs for endangered and threatened animal species. Fossil Rim is located in Glen Rose, Texas, southwest of the Dallas - Fort Worth metropolitan area. To help fund its award-winning conservation efforts, Fossil Rim operates a scenic wildlife drive that is open to the public. The 2-4 hour drive offers a unique opportunity for visitors, in all weather across all seasons, to closely observe more than 50 species of wild animals living in a near-natural environment, as well as enjoy a café and gift store. Fossil Rim partners in international species survival and recovery efforts for 14 endangered species of regional, national and international importance. For more information on Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, visit www.fossilrim.org