For almost two months, Melanie Reese has been busy learning the ropes at her new job.

She began her new role as city secretary on Oct. 1, and embarked on the arduous process of learning the ins and outs of the position from Peggy Busch, who will serve her last day in January following more than 20 years of service to the city.

Melanie currently lives in Weatherford, but making the regular commute to and from work has led her family to discuss the possibility of relocating.†

"It's a hot topic at our dinner table," she said.

While her previous employment was with a dental company in Fort Worth, Melanie said the two positions share some similarities.

"Just like here, I wore multiple hats at my previous job," she said. "But my main hat was dealing with the state Medicaid/Medicare offices."†

Melanie took a short break from her duties and the city's annual audit to answer a few questions about her new role at Town Hall.

1 - What is the biggest challenge associated with your new job?†

The biggest challenge so far has been trying to learn all the duties that Peggy has performed for such a long time. It's a goal of mine to make the transition from Peggy to myself as smooth as possible, not only for other city staff members and myself, but also for those in the community that have relied on her for such a long time. Trying to fill her shoes has been very intimidating, but thanks to her help and assistance from other staff members, I grow a little more confident every day. Overall Iím feeling great about my role. There are many challenges to deal with and hats to wear, but I feel confident. With the great people I have been surrounded by and those who are teaching me the ropes, I will be just fine.†

There are so many areas of responsibility that are crucial to the daily operations of the city, but the biggest has been learning how to assist with the budget. It's a critical part of the cityís operations and has become one of my number one concerns, but public service is equally important and should always be a top priority.

2 - What do you like most about your job and Glen Rose?†

I love being a part of something important. Knowing that we can make parts of Glen Rose even better than it already is, is very exciting. Iím a people person and love meeting new people. As city secretary, I am able to meet new people and at times help them when they most need it. To me this is very rewarding and should be the primary focus of all public servants.†

At first I was like every other person who comes to Glen Rose, I fell in love with the cityís overall beauty, events and dedication to preserving history, but becoming a part of the Glen Rose family, my favorite thing about the city quickly became the way people treated and welcomed me. It truly is a one of a kind city and you can†feel it when youíre here.

3 - Tell us something that few people know about you.††

Few people know that I spent a week every summer, elementary through high school, at church camp here in Glen Rose. The city has always had a special place in my heart because I was saved here.

Interview and photo by Editor Amanda Kimble