DALLAS - Luminant employees across both plant and mine operations closed out their safest year since extensive company-wide record-keeping began 35 years ago. In fact, safety performance was so strong the company experienced its best incident rate for a calendar year an achievement made possible by employees' commitment to safety.

"Our employees have just completed the safest year on record for our company, said Scott Diermann, senior director of safety. "The credit goes to the thousands of Luminant employees in our plants and mines who make it a priority each day to perform their work safely - despite countless challenges and potential distractions. These folks are committed to making their facilities some of the safest in the industry, and I'm excited to see what we will accomplish in 2013.

Among Luminant's 2012 safety highlights:

Luminant achieved its safest year on record with an incident rate of 0.80 percent. Incident rates measure the number of injuries per 100 full-time employees.

Many plants and mines reached one year or more without an OSHA- or MSHA-recordable injury, including most recently Thermo Mine.

The entire gas plant fleet continued its seven-year streak with no lost-time injuries.

Monticello Power Plant marked 20 years - the equivalent of 10.5 million work hours - without a lost-time injury, a new record for all Luminant coal plant sites.

Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant employees and contractors worked more than 4 million hours since their last lost-time injury due in large part to their commitment to peer safety observations. Employees performed 10,000 peer behavior-based safety observations in 2012, setting a site record and tripling results from three years ago.

Several Luminant mine sites saw 100 percent participation from employees in peer safety observations while Martin Lake Power Plant's Beckville Mine set a record among the fossil fleet for the number of peer safety observations performed over a one-month period with 1,606.

"The safety of our employees is paramount, said Mike Williams, chief fossil officer. "Safety must always be put before production. We've encouraged a culture focused on zero zero accidents and injuries and on reporting so that we learn from all incidents, no matter how small. Our employees have embraced it. Their commitment is reflected in our results, and the benefits are immeasurable.

"Our performance in all areas begins and ends with safety in our industry, it's not something we can take for granted, added Rafael Flores, chief nuclear officer. "I am grateful to our team for putting safety first, and know that the successes we've achieved as a plant are due to our employees and the importance they place on safety each and every day.