Claryssa and Mario Medina and their two children, Nicholas, 9, Gavri'el, 1, moved to the area in August.

Now, they are ready to bring value to the community they call home at a new business on the downtown square. Claryssa said Moxxy, a health and fitness studio, located at the corner of Walnut and Barnard streets, will bring something new to the square. And she hopes it will expose the community to healthy living alternatives, encourage women to "feel more comfortable in their own skin" and quit judging themselves with a "false measuring stick."

"I have a real heart for women and women's issues," she said. "I am not different than any woman who may come in to get started with Zumba classes. I am not the best dancer, but I am comfortable, and I want to encourage other women to also be comfortable and happy with their minds, bodies and spirits. I want them to come in, cut loose and get healthy."

1 -Where did you previously live? What brought you to Glen Rose?

Claryssa said the move to picturesque Somervell County was an easy one to make.

"We moved here from Dallas, the Mesquite area," she said. "We were brought here through a series of small miracles. We had been trying to sell our home for two years, but it was looking dismal. The whole time, we were looking for a house when the Lord opened doors for us here in Glen Rose. Those doors had not been opened anywhere else."   

Mario agreed.

"We were wanting to leave the neighborhood, have more space," he said. "We don't miss it at all. This is such a beautiful area." 

2 - What do you have planned for your business?

Claryssa said the initial plan is to offer Zumba classes in the evening as well as samplings of healthy recipes - like gluten-free baked goods - she prepares and packages for customers to enjoy at home.

"At the end of March or the beginning of April, I will be testing to obtain my personal trainer certification," she said. "I also plan to obtain pilates certification."

Claryssa hopes to offer some vitamins and supplements, but doesn't expect the business to evolve into a health food store. She plans to implement other talents - Claryssa previously worked as a professional chef in Austin after undergoing training at Le Cordon Bleu culinary college.

"I would like to see Moxxy grow into a full-fledged cafe, offering a full menu, including vegetarian and vegan options," she said. "We also plan to eventually offer catering with a full menu that is not restricted to health foods."

3 - Why gluten-free?

Claryssa said at one point, she was struggling with medical issues, which were originally believed to be celiac disease - a digestive condition triggered by the consumption of gluten. Her initial reaction was objection - she had no desire to eliminate comfort foods like pasta, bread, cookies and pizza from her diet. She believed she would rather feel ill than live a flavor-free life.

"Eventually, I started to really analyze what I was putting into my body and then began to realize what I eat has a definite impact on how I feel," she said.

Now, the family shares the healthy eating habits an in a world of food allergies and otherwise unexplainable symptoms seen in friends and acquaintances, they encourage others to also become more conscious consumers.

"Most are surprised when they begin to discover foods that are delicious and at the same time good for their bodies," Claryssa.