The Somervell County Commissioners held their first meeting in the newly renovated Commissioners Courtroom on Monday.

The special session was called for July 28 to discuss several budgetary items and to hold an executive session.

In addition to budget adjustments, the commissioners approved an infrared laser study of the Somervell County Expo Center roof to determine the extent of moisture damage. The county is accepting bids for a complete re-roofing of the Expo Center. The infrared study will allow crews to see if moisture is trapped between the roof and the insulation. If moisture is not being retained, the roofing project will end up costing nearly $95,000 less than originally estimated.

The commissioners received information regarding Justice Benefits, Inc., of Dallas. They approved an agreement between the company and Somervell County Juvenile Probation. Justice Benefits identifies federal reimbursement opportunities. They will alert the county if Somervell has a program that is eligible for reimbursement. Only new programs can receive reimbursement. Justice Benefits works on commission and the county does not pay the company if no programs qualify.

Commissioner Zach Cummings motioned to determine if an encroachment at the Extension Office could be removed. Commissioner Mike Ford seconded. The encroachment involves a storage building and a retaining wall on lots 5 and 1R. Ford said the county would remove the encroachment as quickly as possible so that it is no longer on private property.