Following incidents in late October and earlier this month, Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant is back to full operation.

Ashley Barrie, corporate communications manager for Luminant, said Monday that Unit 1 and Unit 2 were both online and operating at 100 percent.

Incidents, classified as non-emergency events and unrelated on Wednesday, Oct. 31, and Friday, Nov. 2, impacted production capacity at the plant.

Unit 1 was manually tripped Nov. 2 due to high temperature readings from a cooling pump.

The earlier event, an equipment malfunction in a logic and relay panel on Unit 2, was replaced and the unit was returned to service the following week. 

Unit 1 was returned to service Monday.

Comanche Peak has an operating capacity of 2,300 MW (Megawatt). The local facility accounted for 24 percent of Luminant's energy production - 78,681 GWH (Gigawatt Hour) - in 2011, according to the company's website, with 74 percent produced by coal and 2 percent natural gas.