In March 2009, Arizona residents Melinda and Paul Brooke embarked on a new business venture.

Melinda said the couple crossed state lines for one reason - to purchase an existing RV (recreational vehicle) park and offer additional options in overnight and extended stay accommodations to local residents and visitors alike.

Transformation of Rainbow Village, formerly called Poco Park, was recently made official with the installation of new signs welcoming passersby to the facility, located at State Highway 67 and CR 303, near Squaw Valley Golf Course.

"We have a new name, honoring the community of Rainbow, Texas," Melinda said. "We came to the area to specifically purchase the property from former owner Wayne Nash who continues to serve as a personal consultant as we get the business running."

She spoke with the Reporter on Monday providing a few details on the business plan and what she hopes the venture will bring to the community.

1 - Tell us about Rainbow Village

We have 20 spaces available, with three open for overnight guests and others who are visiting the area for a longer period of time, which provide RV hookups. The remaining 17 spaces are for company-owned campers that will be rented as residential accommodations on a month-to-month basis with utilities included in the monthly fee. We have units that are currently ready for move-in and on-site managers - Paul and Melinda English - at the property. Paul is a Glen Rose native.

2 - Why did you decide to offer extended-stay accommodations

The idea was something we had from the beginning because I saw a need in the area. We wanted to offer options to individuals and families in a clean environment with managers who are concerned for their comfort and safety. We want to provide affordable housing that is warm and inviting in the cooler months and offers an escape from the Texas heat in warmer months while at the same time remaining aware when something goes wrong, repairs need to be made in a timely manner.

3 - Why Somervell County?

We saw this as the ideal business venture. Coming from Arizona, we were looking for a stable economy. Texas as a whole offered that, and the Glen Rose area offered a low unemployment rate. We interviewed three bankers over a three-week period in the spring of 2009 and found there weren't any foreclosures in the area at the time. The bankers had no idea what a short sale was, which we experienced a lot of in Arizona. Given the need for more housing options in Glen Rose and the positive business outlook, we knew this was exactly where we were supposed to be. Glen Rose ISD is also a very good school district, making parents from outside of the district bring their children here to attend classes. People want their kids to be here, and that is a positive sign.