Special to the Reporter

Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz and the crew of the History Channel’s show “American Pickers” visited Glen Rose this past Friday and found plenty to explore.

Traveling between shoots in Gorman and Alvarado, the production company picked Glen Rose as the best place for the television show to rest and relax as they spent their 18th consecutive day on the road.

While in Glen Rose, the cast and crew enjoyed the cuisine and ambience of Hollywood & Vine for dinner and the traditional Texas hospitality of the Holiday Inn Express & Suites for their overnight accommodations.

On Saturday morning, Mike and Frank were greeted with well wishes, invitations to experience more of the community and Glen Rose keepsakes, which adorned their Antique Archaeology Van.

Mike Wolfe commented that it was amazing to receive such a warm welcome.

Before leaving Glen Rose on Saturday morning, a promotional shot was taken using the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in the background.